What is Gideon 300 Project?

With these 300 men I will rescue you and give you victory – Judges 7:7 NLT

Over two decades, the Lord Jesus Christ had been blessing Church of the Chief Shepherd Global Ministry with enormous, inexplicable, unprecedented blessings of grace as a church and as individual children of God.

Over the years more and more people keep coming back to God and His love resulting in changed lives, miraculous healing, reunion of families, commitment of marriages and plainly giving up their lives for following Jesus.

Many of these lives happened in this church building. Built in the 1990’s and started with just a small group of bible believing Christians who took a leap of faith in building this 2 decade old church building.

Though many Church members dedicated their lives to Christ here, it is a building which during most of the year is soaked in water. During rainy season, our church services vary and adjusts against the tides, literally against high tides.

Structurally, there are also leaking ceilings, compressed parking, little spaces and not just enough rooms to house more than 300 members.

So we decided to have you share an opportunity to be used by God change all of this.

Gideon was a man used by God to make a change in his country. God clearly instructed him and told Him he will surely deliver them from their enemies, to make this more of God’s doing, God sifted the army to just 300 soldiers to defeat their enormous enemy. And they did.

Gideon 300 was an example that God can conquer great obstacles to choosing just a few men. And this was the project the leaders of the church choose.

We have been struggling for the past years to build up a bigger church to house our diverse church activities and care for more people in dire need to hear God’s Word.

We need individuals to pledge monthly for the next 12 or 24 months so we will be able to raise at least P20M to purchase a church lot by 2017. A church lot big enough to house our dream church buildings.

With the new Church Lot we can built more church facilities, accommodate and teach more of God’s Children in their walk of faith.

It is not impossible, Gideon walked by his faith with people whom God chose. And with committed individuals who would let their lives be used by God to take up a stand of their faith for the next 1 or 2 years with this project… God will deliver.

We encourage you to enlist yourselves with this project. Call us and be used by God to the making of a miracle!

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What is Gideon 300 Project?

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